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Creating a new Philosophy

We are pleased to launch our shiny new website and brand update this week. With any great business like SMP, we strive to maintain continued growth, build on our successes, and learn from our mistakes.

Our new branding focuses heavily on our USP and what set’s us apart from other social media companies and that is the ‘Philosophy’ component. In philosophy, is often used as shorthand for a generic act but at SMP it’s shorthand for a social media strategy.

Social media is the modern-day equivalent of the agora of ancient Greek city-states. This was the centre of town, physically, but also economically and socially – the place where business was conducted, goods were bought and sold, and ideas were exchanged.

At SMP we often wonder would the great philosophers of old (Plato, Socrates, etc) use social media.

This is captured excellently in an article by Nathan Dufour Oglesby for the BBC (Would Plato tweet? The Ancient Greek guide to social media - BBC Future). We like to think so but I’m sure they would have approached its use with a structural and well-thought-out strategy or philosophy.

At SMP we do not just provide off-the-shelf solutions but take the time to get to know and understand our clients to ensure a bespoke range of services that ultimately deliver results.

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